K, so the “getting started” page for Vagrant just says do this:

vagrant init hashicorp/precise64

I was confused by this until I read the line immediately before it, which says “download and install Vagrant from [link]”. That helped a lot.

After that I simply ran these commands as directed in the project docs:

git clone ~/vagrant/planet4-local 
cd ~/vagrant/planet4-local 

It takes a really long time because vagrant is downloading a full copy of CentOS in there. It didn’t work the first time, but this thread advised me to turn off the firewall during setup, which seems to be working.


When starting with a new…

When starting with a new team, I feel that it’s important to use the same tools as that team, so that they can help you with technical support. I might change my mind about this in the future as I become more experienced, but right now it’s a good policy.

My new team is using some combination of Vagrant, Chassis, or Salty WordPress to create a virtual environment for WordPress development. I’m not totally sure what each of these things does, so today is about finding out and setting up stuff.

In the past I’ve used MAMP or my Mac’s built-in server, but they both have drawbacks. The built-in server is increasingly annoying to configure, so I’ve given up on it. MAMP, I’m not sure what the drawback is. I do spend a lot of time fighting with database configurations, so maybe that will be reduced by using a virtual machine instead.

This stuff is challenging, so I’m feeling a strong pull to go off and read Reddit or HackerNews instead of working. Fight the good fight!

Trialling at Human Made. Day…

Trialling at Human Made. Day one is reading the handbook and talking to my trial buddy. Kevin is my buddy and he’s a cool guy in Florida. He’s invited me to a lot of new services and hangouts so I’ll be looking through those as well.

There are a lot of locked links leading out of the handbook, and I’m currently unsure whether I should be able to log into, for example,, or if I’m having the usual WordPress caching issues. Could go either way.

I’ve asked Kevin for access to several things, which he has granted. Continuing to read through stuff, and taking notes when I get distracted in order to better understand my thinking patterns.

Here’s my deal: obsessed with…

Here’s my deal: obsessed with computers since the age of five, but didn’t figure out how to start programming until college, during a code class that was part of the first year of an Economics degree. Econ didn’t work out – I switched to a vocational program called Computer Systems Technology offered at Camosun College here in Victoria, BC, and since then I’ve worked as a developer for a local firm called Radar Hill, then more recently as an intern for Automattic, which is where I heard about you guys.

I try to stay away from the computer outside of working hours and go play outside – I love bikes, and I’ve tried mountain biking and bike polo, but these days I mostly just joyride on an old steel road bike that I built myself from the frame up. There’s a lot of great hiking around here too, and I can usually get a couple friends to come out with me to the mountains every weekend. I like reading – I do my best to get some improving non-fiction in, and right now I’m reading about negotiation skills. But my guilty pleasure is Mercedes Lackey, John Scalzi, and other lightweight sci fi and fantasy. I also just came back from living in Denmark for 6 months. I was too homesick to stay 😦 but I had such an amazing time there that I’m thinking about going back. But for now I’m in Victoria in the Pacific time zone!

I’m also severely hard of hearing, and have a cochlear implant and a high-powered hearing aid to help with that. Luckily it doesn’t get in the way at all when I work remotely – but it does give me a unique perspective sometimes. Feel free to ask me about it! I’m excited to be working with a team with such an outstanding reputation and welcoming attitude!

Want to generate a massive…

Want to generate a massive amount of output from the wp shell? Save it to a text file using tee.

wp shell | tee

For counting hours in Excel

[h]:mm – this allows you to count hours over 24 hours.

How to view a Facebook Instant Article