In past jobs I’ve kept a text file called 00_notes, which I normally kept open all the time. Whenever I learned something new or found a useful snippet of code, I pasted it in there. It got to be over 20,000 lines long and there was some really good stuff in there. I’m going to try using this blog as the equivalent of that text file and see how it goes.

The only caveat is that a lot of the stuff in that file was confidential. I can’t risk posting confidential stuff on a public blog even if I mark the post private (I’m way too good at forgetting to mark stuff private) so 00_notes will probably live on. Encrypted and well hidden.

I’m Shannon Graham, a software developer from Canada. I was born in Vancouver, raised in Campbell River, and lived in Victoria as soon as I was old enough to have my way.

I worked for Radar Hill Web Tech from 2013 to 2017, debugging, maintaining, and building cool things for our clients. After four years with that great team, I’ve moved to an internship with Automattic. Maybe it will become permanent? Who knows, right now I’m stuffing my brain with new info as fast as I can and don’t have time to think about it.

Before Radar Hill, I studied Computer Systems Technology at Camosun College, and before that I washed cars at the German Auto Import Network, a group of car dealerships, in Victoria. Some days I wish I was still washing cars, other days I just wish I was driving them 🙂 But cars are more fun on the weekend anyway.

I’ve also been a volunteer bicycle mechanic, a library page, and a PC technician. Right now, I live in Denmark with a tall Viking, a small Mexican dog and a heavily scarred tomcat, pursuing my current dream of becoming Danish.